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Letras de Gibraltar de Kukl

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I need the flowers

I noticed a sound
but it gone from my way of walking
something comes turning
moving knees
and how he strokes
his hand which tie us
over the eyes
when you thinks - he imitates

I'm watching through the corner of my eyes
I'm seen having my opinions
even fight for them
so I invite him
come on, you can just swim up to me
I'll show you the flowers - hoho!
but he follows - he imitates

Ha, defoliates
and offer, offer

And after constant following - I get bitter
he's elipsing on my energy - go off him!
you can just swim for yourself
you can find your own flowers

Ha, he imitates
and offer
he has all
all the fucking gloves

You can see it
it's so obvious
you must be someone else
you must be someone other than I am
must have other needs
other opinions

He follows - he imitates
and offer, offer

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