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Letras de Spell It Wit A J (yes Yes Jorge) de Kurious

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"spell it with a j and not with a g" (8x)

Time's up what? trey push me back on the
Rhyme tip to flip use a nine and a clip
Release date fate's in my hands not yours
Beatnut tracks shakes ya drawers
Holdin back the rhymin time is of the essence
Single file line participate the presence
Of the puerto rican humble never over exert
Half cuban type brotha got styles, jerk!
Reclining on the scene, do it with ease
Don't like tools, cool like the breeze
Funky mic holder never was a casanova
Pulled her over told her, baby i'm much older so
"come and talk to me i only wanna, check, you girl
I don't wanna, know your name"
Kickin the style kadi wassup? (stop, that shit is lame!)
Yes, yes jorge! -- what? fuck it get right
Puttin fuel in the torch, with a style that ignite
All ducks to the left when i'm pitchin my tent
Spanish speakers -- represent!

Chorus: kurious and beatnuts

[all] yes, yes jorge! gotta give em what they want
[all] yes, yes jorge!
[les] a rhyme to what, to make em jump!
[all] yes, yes jorge!
[kur] yo, you talkin to me?
"spell it with a j, and not with a g"

(repeat 2x)

I do the dip dip dive, so so socialize
Bang, your buddha highs puts the smoke in my eyes
Malt liquor got me trapped, my rap is controversial
Might drink the brew, but won't do no commercial
Rehearsal is top speed, comin in at a higher rate
Took care of my pupils, now it's time for my pockets
To dilate -- drink mad fluid with the crooks
When i drop tabs like ads in the billboard books
I'm seein right through ya, yeah
Bout time you hit the door -- glad i knew ya
In other words, herb, slide to the side
Hey mary if you're down to j. then i o-blige
No trickin -- business got my head in the yo!
(yo jorge i seen your video) pssh, whattup bro?
Understand the style when it's time to freak the funk
All i got is critics in my ear that's poppin junk
Just like levi's, you need to zip
Your lip up rhymes when it's time to flip
Hit it up quick - like a ball and a bat
Til it's time to slide, like that


"spell it with a j... and not with a g" (4x)

You say, "ok, you spell it with a j, kurious
You're kinda cool, tell me what you're tryin to say"
I had you walkin like a duck, slow and steady now i'm ready
To make you zoom-a-zoom zoom, shake your rump like teddy
Yes, yes jorge -- whaaaah! hearin the yells
The two fly magicians, castin mad spells
Kids buggin, bodies in wells
Prefer to lay back, twist caps and spark l's
? crew, hardhead style, never quittin
You ask the question why the country western shit is hittin
Secret lies within the stringes of the uke-lele
Then i sail these serpent seas to cuba and parley
Chill, max, smoke a cigar
You need to walk like a.. yeah, you know who you are
Pack my bags, now i'm out to st. croix
Cool latin brother could never be a pretty boy
Girls still be frontin (why?) don't even ask it
I still get head, like a guillotine basket
You bastard -- just kiddin, jokes is what i'm written
My ? ? -- don't drive drunk -- i'm skiddin
Back on track, chill around the way
Kurious signin off, spell it with a j


"spell it with a j, and not with a g" (2x)

"spell it with a j, and not with a g" ..
"spell it with a j, and not with a g" .. "and not with a g"
"spell it with a j.. and not with a g"
"spell it with a j.. and not with a g"

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