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Letras de Lacrimosa (en Ingles) de Kuroshitsuji

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The moonlight, which exposes sadness
Coldly illuminated
Despair and the future
That are friendly with each other within the darkness

Turning the secret that you gave me into a sign
I go through the silence of the pale night

Once more, I want to love the glaringly bright world
That shattered in the distance and vanished
Hide your dream in your eyes
Until tears come falling
Onto your sullied heart

The phantom carriage parts the darkness
And goes toward where the light is
The trap known as dreams
Lures us toward the flames

No shout of any sort will reach
The merciless gods above the sky

We’ll be the blazing firewood
And seem to burn away the sky someday

I want to fearlessly love the blood-soaked world
That I was born in
Rather than being forgiven, forgive and believe in me
Count the number of lachrymose days
On the sullied earth
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