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Letras de Those Days Are Go de Kyle Massey

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turn up the lights, lets go
everybody in the house you know(everybody in the house let's go!)
I know, it's time
it's staring at the back of my mind
I think I finally found the answer
and I, I can remember
all of the things we used to do
those days are go
I know
the world they won't stop spinning
'till I take control
and leave it all behind
don't make it all on my oun
I'll be what I thought I couldn't find noo
I know....
those days are gone
yeah yeah, uh huh uh huh
c'mon everybody let's go
those days are gone
sit tight as I break it down for you real simple, yeah it's time you know
those days are gone
those days those ways of living lifeare gone when the life goes up
those days are gone
the world don't stop spinning fot a moment
girl you better step it up
thats righ!!
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