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Letras de Dark Titan de Lack Of Remorse

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His body was thrown to the sea
And a long forgotten god claims his soul from the depths
His blood was spilled near the shores
Beaten and wounded, still he fought
He was born with the strength of a warrior

You gave your soul
Fought so hard, killed so much
But your true enemies
Were just pulling your strings

Telling you so many lies
Trading fortune for your pride
Now finally dead you´ve come to realize
How fool you truly were

But traitors, beware!

You must claim back
Your honor and your pride
I can give you all that
Your human soul is all I want

Oh dark lord
Open my eyes
And may your power
Flow through my hands
May your great darkness
Invade my heart
Revive my blood thirst
Just for this night

Reborn, undead, with an unholy strength
As never seen before in any legend or tale
A dark titan rises from the depths
And for one night only he may hunt his prey
A dark titan awakens
Wielding a tremendous forbidden power
Vengeance is still in his heart
And for him, nothing else matters

Break their necks
Eat them alive
Dark titan, dark titan, now
Dark titan, your soul is mine

Drink their blood
Hear their cries
Dark titan
Tomorrow your soul is mine

Use your force
Rip them apart
Dark titan, dark titan, now
Dark titan, your soul is mine

Fulfill your quest
And realize
Dark titan
Your soul is forever mine
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