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Letras de Heartbreaking Music de Lagwagon

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I've already come to terms
With bridges I have burned
We all make mistakes

We keep preparing for the worst
So it won't seem adverse
Just like we rehearsed

Click, two, three, heartbreaking music
So close to loss we use it

How much honesty's healthy
Say what's on your mind
The only way to be

The drugs are only for dessert
Do your homework first
We don't administer the
cure for that thirst

'Cause it's always been
heartbreaking music
So close to death we use it

Writing this over and over
It will never mend

I am the jest malignant cell
Playwright to your hell
I think I knew you well

But I wish I were as smart as you
I could I have changed your mind
Would of, should of, the
question 'til I die

But it's always been heartbreaking music
So close to life we abuse it
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