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Letras de Good Good Love de Lari White

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(lari white/john rotch)
if you want a good good love
hold on when the times are bad
'cause if you jump ship when trouble hits
good for nothin' is all you'll have
you gotta anchor down in the winds of doubt
you can't give in and you can't bail out
if the water's high hold your head above
and hang on for that good good love
When love sets sail it's always a sunny day
and when the skies are blue it's so easy to make love stay
but when the clouds roll in and the ship begins to strain
you gotta try a little harder
go on, test the water
'cause the air is so much sweeter
after a real good rain
(repeat chorus)
Now a few dark days don't mean that love has died
'cause just above the storm you know the sun always shines
and you can't say love is true until it's tried
so there ain't no need to fret
you're gonna get just a little wet
but you won't go under with the thunder
if you let the faith hold you high
(repeat chorus)

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