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Letras de What A Woman Wants de Lari White

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(lari white/chuck cannon)
Come here darlin', let me whisper in your ear
a precious little secret that i think you need to hear
with the way the women's movement's always making the news
i can see how a man might get confused
now a woman doesn't mind a man holding the door
but slaving in some kitchen ain't what god made a woman for
we've come a long way baby, but way down deep we're still the same
what a woman wants will never change
what a woman wants is to be treated like a queen
by a man who deserves to be treated like a king
what a woman wants, what keeps her holding on
is a loving man who understands what a woman wants
Now that ain't so complicated, baby, you know what to do
just do onto me like you want to be done to
put me on a pedestral and i'll put you on a throne
i bet you're gonna love what a woman wants
(repeat chorus twice)

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