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Letras de Wake Up de Larue

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Wake up another day it's funny how you put yourself in cruise
Control/ oyu say oyu sya your life is very plain/ waiting fo a spark to
Light the coal inside/ and that is when you feel alive/ but that's
Just where it starts/ are you too comfortable in the dark?
*chorus* you threw it all away/ you had so much to gain
You threw it all away/ now there's nothing left to claim/ and now you're
Lost inside of you/ what am i supposed to do/ generation
Lost/ all for everything until it comes to the cross/ a fear of
Faith becomes their cage/ they're getting used to/ feeling
Weightless/ breathing fakeness/ dreaming faithless *chorus*
To talk to you/ feeling weightless/ breathing fakeness/
Dreaming faithless/ *chorus* what am i supposed to do?

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