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Letras de Rockollection (ingles) de Laurent Voulzy

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It was all in 1 'heart a little girl
A forgotten pleated skirt tail
of horse at the exit of high school were
all in 1 'heart a piece of iron to use
An old dream scooter to the
circus in the neighborhood And p'tite daughter
And the singing p'tite girl who sang Something
m'colle still in heart and body (- Locomotion-)

It was all in the heart ticket for Liverpool
Exiting scene helicopter
to escape the crowd Excuse me
Sir, but I hear more Big Ben ringing The
beetles buzz is madness
And in London the Beatles sang And
Beatles sang Something that the m'colle'encore
heart and body (-Hard day's nigth -)

What it will serve me to go m'faire
cut-tives East what my life will be a better
After my qu'j'aurais Slaug 'Betty laugh
in front of my ball to zero if I tell him
ça te plût not only T'as te
complain dirlo And I turned And
Beach Boys sang One thing that still m'colle
the heart and body (- Get around-)

It was all in 1 'heart holidays
Saint-Malo And parents jersey dancing
At home Luis Mariano "Camping streams
Blue, "I am behind tons of
cockroach If I had worked a little I would
paid a guitar And Saint-Malo slept And
A radio singing thing that still m'colle
the heart and body (-Gloria-)

In my suburban coffee t'as seen the band
It boasts a Jimmy not evil, it
travelling around the baby Poor Jimmy became
sting at the record store is crazy With a
Stones of single hidden under his clothes
And loulous rolled And the stones
One thing that sang m'colle still the heart and
the body (-Satisfacton -)

The day I will leave that I feel good
it's going to hurt my mother dislikes
my jacket and fringes of my futal Along
motorways there is beautiful landscape I have my
guitar in the back and not for the round trip
And Bob Dylan sang And Bob Dylan sang A
m'colle trick which still at heart and body
(-Mister Tambourine men -)

Let me move my papers I have my visa I
am already on the plane going to
America Even if I stay here that I spend my
I Nogent life to an old Chevrolet
and eighteen girls inside And the Bee Gees
And singing the Bee Gees sing
(-Massachusetts-) In the spring I'm 66
It fell crazy in love me
rather badly I had water in my eyes
p 'I t'emmène tite doll in the
my country langueurs It is the gentle sweetness
I have music in the heart All night on
s'aimait When Donovan sang Something that
m'colle still in heart and body (-Mellow
Yellow-) Now I have a guitar and I travel
organized I get up every day
too late And I saw the Champs-Elysees I
I went not know where but not where
I wanted to go In my mind there are holes
I remember most of couplets Y has
dreams that are broken Des which airs
go up in smoke Things that m'colle
yet the heart and body (-California dreaming-)
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