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Letras de Raw Footage de Leeni

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I paint the walls
In shades of green
I raise the blinds
The light pours in on me

I watch the scene
They fall in love
I must have seen this
A million one times
He runs out to find her in the rain
And he catches her right before she boards the train
And he calls her name

I hear the song
It's new to me
But I sing along
So I can feel like
Someone new who isn't wasting time on you
But my pathetic life is being wasted by me too

And maybe I'm
Just living life
In a sequence of events
To show the pass in time
And maybe I'm
Stuck in raw footage
For a montage that shows how much I miss you
And why can't life be edited down and sent to music

Then at the end of the song
You offer your love
And I refuse it
I watch the door you never come
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