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Letras de Am I Me? de Left Of Centre

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When the curtain drops,
and the lights all fade.
everyone leaves, and
the stage turns grey.
This show is me,
it's not acting.
i will not play a role.
the credits may
not just be me.
but trust this,
im not faking.
The performance lived
that is my life,
in all my existance.
i will not live for you,
(i will not conform.)
whenever i die,
(there will be)
there will be
no encore.
I'll say my own lines.
and speak my own peace.
trust in what i belive.
accept no ones lies.
(but your own)
the truth
(its hiding)
coveted in our society.
(they're lying)
beneith their masks.
(they keep trying)
i choose, to run away.
(leave this place)
so no one may.
(see me on my stage)
see me...
Close the curtain, walk away.
(keep your money)
im not selling lies,
(i just dont care)
i will not justify myself.
(fuck you, im me)
stupid little sell outs.
(watch some mtv)
just try to be yourselves.
(if you ever see me)
i have the power to ignore.
(the will to erase)
anyone i meet, and greet.
(and so do you.)
so if you chose to.
(fucking judge me)
ask yourself in the mirror.
(am i me?)
am i me?

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