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Letras de Astronomic Playground de Left Of Centre

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Am i the only one,
staring at the stars?
afraid of what we are,
or who we will become.
a distant fucking star.
the future's not that far.
looking at the sky.
scared in asking why.
looking to the black.
never turning back.
on my own this time.
Im not the only one.
not sure of what will come.
not sure who's in command.
content with what i have.
complacency is lost,
and fades away with time.
not alone in asking why.
In the vastness of this place.
am i just a fading star in,
the depths of outer space?
falling in this far.
reaching for the fold.
singularity seems dull.
the fission of my life,
grabs a final hold.
reality gets lost.
And here is sit.
Laying on my back i see,
oceans of diamonds shimmering.
some shine so bright,
others get lost or fall away.
the dim lit sea of my life,
will never see the light of day.

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