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Letras de Extraneous de Left Of Centre

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Exploration of the time portal,
hidden in your head.
is the only to free yourself,
from lighted path ahead
Leaping from the beaten path,
into unknown territory,
you see nothing,
you know nothing,
but you feel it all.
Now free, in the darkness
where all is tucked,
in it's nook or cranny,
unleashed by the scent,
You lit up your little corner,
in attempt to know,
you do not know what you want to know,
obsession has taken control,
only now you feel what's coming,
you fear it,
only because you dont know.
Comfort is gone,
freedom is gone,
all is lost.
and you cannot run,
dont even try to hide.
Fight or flight kicks in,
befuddlment has begun.
it's to begin...
is this the end?
The hunt for yourself has begun.
but you cannot cover,
when you're the hunter,
but the prey.
On the verge of insanity,
you grasp the air,
step off the edge.
hold on, dont let go,
but there's nothing there,
its only the air.
There's only one way out!
open your eyes,
just realize,
you cannot find freedom.
You are you,
freedom is all around you,
donot dig for freedom... too many roots,
nowhere is everywhere.
fear equals slavery
do not kill yourself for it shall kill you
freedom is not under your chin.
and searching for who you are is not in front of you
so do not bother with the mirror for it only mocks and stares
you're inside of you.
Freedom has been and always will be,
you cannot take it away.
freedom of influence is already here,
it cannot,
it will not,
conquer me.
I am me
Are you, you?
the beast inside you is nothing but fear,
release it.
so do not fear it for it can easily disappear...
just realize (long drawn out whisper)

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