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Letras de Still de Left Of Centre

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Watching the waves break,
and the water turn clear.
to see this vast reflection.
somewhere below me i appear.
The apparition that i see.
looks familiar distinctly.
but it changes every day.
it wasnt always this way.
Leaves drop and fall.
it happens to us all.
someday, if we never find.
a way, to release ourselves.
I will, sink down.
into my reflection
i will lay.
Slowly floating,
never rising to the sun.
i will drift away.

The horizon nears us all.
an infinite unknown awaits.
we are all just dying.
we all await the fall.
we're all in denial.
we all learn to crawl,
and take our lives forganted.
as the clock runs our lives,
you remember all the times.
you could have done,
you would have done.
but rotted away insted.
When existance, is failing.
and time has, stop caring.
dig into the ashes.
its where you'll will find me
six feet, under, ground
wont you join me.
embrace, this, eternity.
embrace, complete, serenity.

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