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Letras de Torn Apart de Left Of Centre

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Lay your head down softly.
and rest this tired skin.
the shells been tattered nicely.
through everything its been.
Rough and grased the flesh.
healed over and again.
wounds seep of the emotion.
from when the memories began.
Torn apart, through and entirety.
wasted days, the life in solitary.
empathy slowy sinking in.
what lost souls speak about.
when left out in the open skies.
holding back, and always compromising.
Give up, to and witness.
truthful atrocities that bind us.
faithful longing, saught and blind.
beliefs, leaving all in boundries.
closed off, numb, and conceited so.
see it all done and back again.
please release, for just this once.
one moment, blink and it is gone.
forever, all inspite of trust.
just turn, forget and walk away.
looking to fidelity.
worn tired eyes may see.
helplessness in disarray.
of the darkend insincerity.
hold on to the emptyness.
it may be all thats left.
hopefulness insanity.
when the selfs sovranty is lost.
From everything.
that you knew.
had cared once is gone.
leaving the storm
the shelter too.
all,behind you.

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