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Letras de Worthless Shell de Left Of Centre

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Do i deserve to be in you?
oh god how i have wronged you.
how can i make it up to you?
swallow pills to make it better?
controling this body.
I have mangled you so.
my life, our symbionce.
bend a little as i break you more.
i will make it up to you tomorrow.
controling this body.
I shape reality to fit us.
wrap a shade around your shroud.
my cloak and veil,
and worthless armored shell.
controling this body.
Please, dont let me lose control of.
this body.
keeping me safe and warm.
controling this body.
is a task too much for me.
Heal yourself, as you
take a rock to the knee.
my emotional anguish,
it takes more to fix me.
less to tear me down.
Feeling weak and useless,
inside of this body.
this broken and helpless
skin wrapped around me.
When did i lose control?
the shell absorbs the lies.
the truth will fix the insides.
but the body sits and cries.

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