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Letras de Scream de Lene

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Truth is blurry
and distorted
and my vision stained
In my mindless space
silent voices wake
and speak no good or worth
i feel no gravity
Another promise broke
another empty stroke
then i fall headfirst
Slowly i escape
and i release the pain
i feel the gravity
And ai scream
but my mind can't eat
when my soul won't sleep
won't you feed my swollen appetite
and i scream
in my weightless frame
tell me who's to blame
if the pictures lie
Million miles away
from the real world
is where the fiction lays?
Tear another page
hope your doubts erase
read the words you're told
i'm yelling yet unheard
Same old story
stone cold days
don't know what is real
i'm blind until it hurts
guess it just don't matter when
you're so helpless and the life
you're given a mess
give me one good reason
why i'm so mixed up
i wish the damn fake bubble
would burst

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