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Sentimental journeydoris daywords and music by bud green, les brown and ben homerles brown, with doris as his "girl singer", charted at #1 in 1945competing versions charted by hal mcintyre (#3) and the merry macs (#4)in 1951 les brown re-did it with the ames brothers and hit only # 23.<lengthy instrumental intro>gonna take a sentimental journeygonna set my heart at easegonna make a sentimental journeyto renew old memoriesgot my bag, got my reservationspent each dime i could affordlike a child in wild anticipationlong to hear that "all aboard" seven, that's the time we leave, at seven i'll be waitin' up for heaven countin' every mile of railroad track that takes me backnever thought my heart could be so yearnywhy did i decide to roam?gotta take that sentimental journeysentimental journey homesentimental journey!

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