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Letras de Mirrors de Lex Talion

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The sun shone again in its gait and then he woke up
Time went by but he was looking for a place.
It took him years trying to find a place to be.
Skies, mountains and meadows he crossed, ‘til a blind man spoke

“You will find it, on your path, though the end is not real”.

Following his fate as a guide he found a place
Of fine solitude, dark arcane, what shall you bring?
Exhausted between the field and the abyss he couldn’t go on
His long lost skies, the hidden lake was lying there.
- Is it the lake talking to me?, have you really spoken? Where are you?
- I’m not lake nor am I land, my name thou shall not know -
- Am I really going mad?, Where’s your voice coming from?
- I’ll show you, come! Abandon yourself to my sweet waters, come… come.. -
- I don’t know, I can’t do it, I feel a cold fear covering my soul and with every second I feel even more numb.


I see my other self in your vicious waters’ mirror,
But he’s different to me, the expression’s not the same
Why do I see this child there submerged inside of you?

No! No! I must enter the lake now!
Even if I’m down below I just cannot reach the child!
Floating souls carry me to the bottom of your evil!
How can I be breathing here, where are you coldest lake?...

As he understood that his home was a freezing lake,
He wanted out but the way he never found
The face of a man then appeared on the other side
He was the blind man from the path who declared:

“You shall not wash your past away in an old lake
I did it and now look at you...
We wasted our time running away from such a splendor
And now the voice is wind, murmur of a lake with no sun”.
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