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Letras de The Battle Of The Souls de Lex Talion

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Set and ready they are
On the fields of the end,
The souls that await to fight once again
Against the shadows of the mortal plane

At the end of the Earth, they will open the ground with their fire
To be set free from the perpetual confinement and finally fight

The shadows marching to the place
Enveloped in tempest and in hate
The colour of heavens starts to change
Beginning the battle of the end

All the trusting souls, they have nothing to lose anymore,
Swords made of light, great peaceless shields, attacking the shadows of our doom.

Swords made of light …
great peaceless shields …
attacking the shadows …
of our doom …

Those who lose will not return
To the mortal world
Illusory steel deploy they will
Opening wounds of light and truth
Souls and shadows already fall
For the universal balance…


Both sides cry Victory, nobody knows who will lose
Endless deadly battle, fought for keeping equality…
Sever the souls…
Battle the shadows…
¡With-out end!
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