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Letras de The Legacy Of Balder de Lex Talion

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From the heights of Vigrid you see the giants arrive,
The wasted from Helheim observe the land which Loki will seize.
The fire unleashed in the heavens by Surtr and his will
That holding his great sword will even rock Valaskjálf.

From the depths of the Earth, drunken from wine and victory,
They have arrived opening Hel, crying out for blood to be drunk.

Heimdal plays his horn alerting the Æsir to the Chaos,
Odin rides searching for truth, and Yggdrasil will tremble and shake!
The Einherjer prepare their eternal spears molten in undying flames.
The great snake shall succumb, leading Thor into glory.


Inside the guts of the wolf lie the remains of Odin the great,
The strenght of Vidar will surely avenge him slaying the monstruous Fenrir.
Balder resurrected son of Odin lead your throne towards truth
Balder lead your throne towards truth!
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