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Letras de Boogie Man de Lil One

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Let's rock... Yeah... uh ... Lil one
Fuck all that bullshit homie, Turning dreams into dust
And you vaccum it mutha fucka, Pick it up
You handle your shit, Haha

[Mr. Lil One]
Pull down my zipper yeah you got my dick up
Some do it sick but no I do it sickah
labeling me the lokus hokus pokus
I bring a gun with these mutha fucking roses
And you know this bitch don't front
Yeah I know your man from a plan they call punk
Lil can you chill? Promise you I will
The moment that he proves that he really does kill
Tell you how I feel I keep it on the real-ah
Sucking on my stick cause you think that I'ma kill-ah
Respect that I get got your pity on it
From the young to the sprung to the neighborhood rich
Bitch don't forget I'm loved and adored
Meet you as a women and forgot you as a whore
Mutha fucking trick the seven day ich
And you wonder why we call you bitch

[Hook x2]
I'm that boogie man
That's what I am
And I came to gain
Whatever I can

[Mr. Lil One]
I put poisen in your mind lock you in a rhyme
Pity to the blind can't see me in my prime
And time... Goes by so slowly
Baby come and hold me make me feel holy
Show me that another man can't steal you
Tell me that you love me and I'll tell you that I feel you
Meet alot of groupies meet alot of bitches
Need to find god and turn there life religious
Burning up my britches fucking with the sickest
Finally it's over Ms. Jahoba witness
Knocking on my door forever be a whore
Lying to yourself and lying to the lord
Dig a little more and let me explore
Say you keep it real let me ask the quija board
You know how it goes man ...
I hate to see you go but I love to see you leave


[Mr. Lil One]
Some say I'm cocky ghetto like Rocky
Proved it back in April when the law came and got me
Shipped me off to baily tripping off my lady
Fucking up my grin she's giving em shady
Baby when I don't make it then worry
Left me in the puddle for the mud that got blurry
Hurry up and sing and don't forget to bring
A little bit of son coming back from palm springs
You know what I mean now baby keep it true
Now fuck being you It was you and Micky blue
Play me for a fool Shadow and my pride
Hit the 8-0-5 wit that 2 hour drive
A month and a half fore I cross your path
Giving petty minded fools all a reason to laugh
Now how did I become so wick to you
Can't look me in the face when I speak to you uh
Lil One Boogie man 28805 1632561