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Letras de Suicide / Homicide? de Lil One

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Now what the fuck is homicide?
How meany times I pretend that shit is suicide?
Motherfuckers waiting to get shot in the corner of their rival territory
and when you get done (crying oises) everybody sad
Motherfucker you know what you had coming
So peep this motherfucker

[Verse One]
Now let this enemy
Wreck this melody
Said to get crazy
Bitch you cant face me
Wanna come close
Here it goes like Swayze
You wanna get cautions
Leave that ass nautions
Remember enemies falling
Homicide now suicides calling
Back from the pits
Now guess whos here
Loked Lil One
That boy you fear
Full of that sickness
Digging up bitches
Kick it with witches
Give me three sixes
Bitch in the makin, fakin
Raddle and snakin
You bout to be taken
Out for the ride of your life and die
Victim found dead why
Nobody knows suicide
Nobody cares homicide

[Chorus: x2]
Now this could of been what?
Or maybe this could of been?
Nobody knows
Nobody cares

[Verse Two]
Spirits released like a parole
Never been holy
Fool you dont know me
Slowly got em all thinking
Have I been drinking
What the fuck this man thinking
Well death, I think its hypnosis
You in a coffin full of dead roses
Now wasnt that thought full of me
Well it should be
Your death realy could be me
Come and dismiss you
Death wanna kiss you
Fuck them tissue
Bitch I wont miss you
Never been effected
Learned or excepted
Cant resurrected
Fuckin neglected
What your memory?
Say you'll remember me
Fuck that bury me
Fuck whats said of me
Cause your all guilty
And your all filthy
And I dont want ya
See ya when I haunt ya


[Verse Three]
Now before I say farewell
Let the man tell ya
Fool your a failure
Whos gonna save ya
No one, thats who
This coming at you
Stiff like a statue
How I'm looking at you
Lil One told ya
The worl full of cobras
Even real soldiers
Look over their shoulders
Now suppose you foes outside
And you know the boys packed
And you ain't got jack
And a what will you do
You already knew
If you step to the boy
Then your ass was through
Well you did
And thats suicide
And you took your own life with homicide
So watch who you trust
Or who you might fuck with
Fuck with the wrong one
Your in for a long one
So fuck that bull about redrum
Bitch motherfucker you might be a dead one

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