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Letras de Your Abc's de Lil' Romeo

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Chorus: 2x (Master P)
Do you know your ABC's
If you do wantcha sang with me

Verse 1:
A for apple
B is for ball
Me and C went shopping at the mall
D came over in a E class benz
So F started fighting one of his friends
G said man do you believe in god
H say stop hatin whody times is hard
I was watching the Hawks and Indiana
Jalen Rose had six J's on atlanta

Chorus 2x

Verse 2:
Now special K was always cool
Why L and them they like to Make moves
N and O I mean New Orleans
Cause No Limit is the number one team
P stands for poppa he be puttin it down
And is no Question cause we the best around
R is for Romeo I can rock the crowd
S for Soulja Music we be layin it down
T is for teaching
U is for united
V is for very important players invited
W is for my whodies on the team
We all souljas out that u-p-t
R.I.P. to the homies xyz
If you sang this song
Then you know your abc's

Chorus 2x
Lil' Romeo Your ABC's 518 2908