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Letras de Aw Aw de Lil' Wayne

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Hey Yerman Beat The Sound Nigga!!

Mc Wayne
In Tunechi Now Bitch

You Now What Is This Nigga

Any Kiss

.:Mc Wayne:.

Awwwh I Love You Girl
What You Wanna Do With Me
All I love, And Want From Her
Is Her Love And Her Lips

She Love When I
Say Baby Dont Cry
We Are On A Bed
Only You And I

I See Your Face Aw Aw
I See Your Eyes Aw Aw
And You And I Aw Aw
Im Gonna Try Aw Aw

.:Mc Wayne:.

We Are In Party Now (Aw Aw)
When We Are Alone (Aw Aw)
So Come On Here (Baby Baby)
And Just Will Make Me Cum (Ow Ow)

You And I, n I, n I
Baby Stand And Dont Say Good Bye (Good Bye)
Only Look My Mouth
And Dont Say no no no (NOOOO)

(A Half At Chorus)
I See Your Face Aw Aw
I See Your Eyes Aw Aw

.:King Josias:.

And When I See Ur Face
Is Something I Can No Believe
And I Always Thanks God
Cuz Of Make Me Believe
(yeah yeah)

.:Mc Wayne:.

And We Are Alone (Aw Aw)
In The Love Tell Me How (Aw Aw)
And Ur Body Baby Show (Aw Aw) Me
In The Night Baby We Are Weee

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