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Letras de Call Of Duty de Lil' Wayne

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[Verse 1:]
Attention! Bow! Face!
Hold Up! I Think She About Blow Up My Bass.
Military Official, Top Rank.
Check My Credentials Like A Bank.
We Safe & I Don't Care If The Enemy In The Way.
Ignore What The Captain Gotta Say.
Ignore The Sergeant, Leiutenant, Or The Genera-
L, Until Her Fox Hole Out Fail.
L, I Got Cha. Now Baby Girl Gettin' Me.
Why I Survive? Baby Girl With Me.
The War Will Be Over Real Soon.
As Soon As I Drop My Grenade In Your Platoon.
Kabloom! Can I Park My Tank In Your Room?
Cause You Love It When It Go Boom.
Bang! Bang! Purple Heart Gang.
And Baby Ye' Ain't Even Gotta Train.

[Verse 2:]
Why They Bother? It Me & You Against The World.
Boom Boom, Bang Bang. Hmmhmh.
Yeah, & Strap Up & Go On Me.
Come Be My Soldier Girl.
You On't Even Haveta Train.
No! Unh Uh, Hmm.
Cause You See Yo Touch Is So Deli-
Cate & Your Love Is The War.
Blow My Mind Anytime.
Ahhh! Ahhh!
I Say Your Touch Is So Delicate.
And Your Love Is The War.
I Won't Survive! Baby, Just Die!
And Leave This Place, Girl. (WAR!)
And I Been Watchin' On You, Bout To Feel Your Love. (WAR!)
And I Just Stepped On Your Land Mine & It Just Blew Me Off. (WAR!)
And You Can Come & Join My Troopie, Mama & Recruit;
And Strap Yo Oozi & Go To... (WWAAARRRR!)
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