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Letras de Dreads de Lil' Wayne

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ar your gurl....
i mean my gurl....
soon 2 b my gurl....
kno watim talkin bout....
i cant wait till we get to the condo baby....
i got so much medication to give....
its nothin....

you can come and spend the night at my house gurl
u can drink all u want at my house gurl
u can smoke all u want at my house gurl
dats my house gurl
dats my house gurl
we can fuck all we want at my house gurl
its all cool the neighbors done moved out gurl
and you can scream all u want ay my house gurl
dats my house gurl
dats my house gurl

hold on gurl u kno wat it is ma
504 boy u kno where i live ma
pull up 2 da club 26s on my whip ma
pocket full of money hustle if your tryin to get it ma
hold on gurl i like how u movin
cathing dat beat shawty i like how u groovin
i got enough room in my car to fit u in
so we should leave da club b4 they start fightin n shootin
yeah and wen u make it 2 da crib u can call ur gurls n tell dem how im live
yeah mommie n u kno dats right
and if your for makin breakfast u can stay 4 da night


im in da crib watchin young n da restless
young money baby i dont kno who da rest is
me n tunes in da high rides in Texas
Houston dat is
yous a bad bitch
but u aint da baddest
but youd do just fine
dats my brotha man
wats his is mine
wats mine is his
so u kno wat dat means
meet him in da back n you can join da track team
after u do dat holla at trillwill
dats my dog he stay gone off kill bill
leave your clothes off and holla at lil boo
dont get dressed yet cause dizzy wat some 2


cause shawty u aint gotta go home
cause if u need something baby i'll pick up da phone
i can get 20 cases of my wet sean dean
weed,coc,ex,all wateva u want
we can take a tour thru my walk-in closet
and count the seadogs on da back of my pockets
dese all 500 dolla jeans
i got 6 cars all of dem painted green
when i spit broads
i'll get alot of cream
when i meet broads
i'll give dem 2 my team
a pimp n a gentle at da same time
i neva carry coins but i keep alot of dimes

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