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Letras de You Talk Too Much de Linda Jones

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Hypnotizedlinda jones   torbert/kellyemaj7 dmaj7emaj7 dmaj7soft dreams, hey summer nightsemaj7 dmaj7wind blowin' gently through cloudy skiesemaj7 dmaj7i see that moon shinin' in your eyes, emaj7 dmaj7hypnotize, (yeah hypnotized) emaj7 dmaj7i'm hypnotized, (yeah hypnotized)emaj7 dmaj7i'm hypnotized, (yeah hypnotized)c#mhey girl what's on your mindai want to love you all the timec#myou tell me mama what you want me to doai'll make love and sing my songs to you, esus4 b e btogeth- er, yea-----ahbm7 ebm7 echromatic chordse-----------|-------------------------|---------------------b--6--6--6--|---6--7--8---9---9---9---|-9---8---7--6--6--6--g--6--6--6--|---6--7--8---9---9---9---|-9---8---7--6--6--6--d--8--8--8--|---8--9--10--11--11--11--|-11--10--9--8--8--8--a-----------|-------------------------|---------------------e-----------|-------------------------|---------------------emaj7 dmaj7ememaj7 dmaj7soft sighs, moon and sunlaughin' together, being as oneand like the rhythym of the changin' tides,hypnotizewe're hypnotized,we're hypnotized

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