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Letras de Midnight Rodeo de Lisa Angelle

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My baby walks to a different beat
he's a little crazy and man he's sweet
he fits my heart like a shark skin glove
oh mama i'm so in love
i never knew a man so real
got a heart of gold and a mind of steel
he treats me like a newborn child
until midnight and he goes wild-wild-wild
oh no - out on the floor - here we go - 1,2,3,4
ride it baby - rope that thing
make me smile - make me sing
oh law - i don't know
but i sure like this wild west show
love's the ticket
he's at my door
hi-o-honey and away we go
riding the midnight rodeo
we'll ride the midnight rodeo
there ain't a story that he ain't told
but those levis know their way home
i ain't got an itch that he don't scratch
when it comes to him i got it bad-bad-bad
he said, climb up here on my white horse
and i said, but of course
ride on ponyman
and he took my hand

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