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Letras de The Lake de Lisa Gerrard

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The corner stone of drowning groans sink deep into the lake
The treasure chest of unseen jewels have turned out to be fake
While diamond prisms shaft their light and bleed into the sea
The silver fish weave crowns as bright as liquid mercury.

There she awaits the majesty of a prince that will not come
Formed in vain imagines lamenting love unsung
In arms of veils confused she sails upon forbidden water
As swordfish sever, they’re forever, the spectacle, her slaughter.

So now her heart groans faint, forlorn lay destitute in shadow
A bridge of faith, a sinking ship, a shrine to all she hallowed
Surrender not to northern poles for there melts perfect passion
And breaking ice gives guise, disguised to islands of confusion.

So down she sinks into the lake disappears in darkness
While diadems of fatal fate fall broken draped in blackness
As twilight keeps a gift of sleep it guards her subtlety
So cold the grave of unspent love that bears no majesty
Medusa spreads above her head the whirlpool set to pull
The unrequited love she spent that showed she’d been a fool.
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