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Letras de Not Now de Little Boots

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Woke up in a big white bed in the sun, in the sun
Looking down on jesus posing with a friend, or anyone
So we went for some breakfast, coffee and tea
That's when i realized you're the sugar i need

Not now, not now baby, don't take this moment from me
Not now, not now baby, wait till tomorrow, or i'll be leaving
Not now, you can't save it, let today be
'cause if we come back it's gonna be gone

Took a drive, headed for the sea, in the middle of january
We talked about the future and ate ice cream
Just happy to be, and how i laughed when some old man
Said that you looked like duran duran

[chorus x2]

You know that you can't save it now
This time tomorrow, i'll be gone

[chorus x3]
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