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Letras de Cretino (en Ingles) de Little Jesus

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Looking attention and'll Find
And Negar Although the sole
I always wanted to help

You say you know everything and can be True, A No one is going to Import
Take Out For everything wrong and somehow
Become all Good moemntos in the most uncomfortable

Tell me where are you, That you are Seeking Coward
If I see Skip, I'm going to say where to find

Leaving the first, the last to arrive
Worst of Everywhere
And you always have to Be, It's OK when everything is going to be always going to be
The first to Appear when everything goes wrong and you and you were.

The Buenos become all the more Uncomfortable Moments
Tell me where you are, What you are looking for Coward
If I see Pass, where I'll Find You Say

It was a Normal Day, From Thursday these Intractable
Tell me where you are, not as far and not as Evening ♥
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