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Glamour boysliving colour(v. reid) - bass arrangement by m. skillingsthe glamour boys swear they are a divathe glamour boys have it all under controlalways dancing and always laughingthe glamour boys are playing the rolethe glamour boys never have no moneythe glamour boys wear the most expensive clothesthe glamour boys are always at the partywhere the money comes from heaven only knowsi ain't no glamour boy - i'm fiercei ain't no glamour boy - (snap)i ain't no glamour boy - i'm fiercei ain't no glamour boythe glamour boys live off their ambitionthe glamour boys have it all figured outa very, very dubious positionwhen you got no cloutthe glamour boys whole life is a gamblethey might get over or fall flat on their facebut if one does, there's no need to worryanother g-boy will take this placei ain't no glamour boy - i'm fiercethe glamour boys don't think tomorrowthe glamour boys just need tonight to playbut just like things you can't afford on credittime catches up and you have to paythe glamour boys are always on the guest listyou'll always find them in the hottest spots in townthey'll be your friend if you have fame or fortuneif you don't they won't be hanging 'roundi ain't no glamour boy - i'm fiercefrom: starlawill@aol.com

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