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Letras de Love Rears Its Ugly Head de Living Colour

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V. reid
I always thought our relationship was cool
you played the role of having sense
i always played the fool
now something's different
i don't know the reason why
whenever we separate
i almost want to cry
oh no, please not that again
love rears up its ugly head
And when i come home late you don't complain or call
so as a consequence i don't go out at all
my friends are frightened
they don't know what's going on
they think you put a spell on me
and now my mind is gone
Love's not so bad they say
but you never know where love is gonna go
Does anybody really know?

I'm standing at the altar
as they play the wedding march
i'm in a black tuxedo with my collar full of starch
she looks as lovely as she's ever gonna get
i wake up from this nightmare in a pool of sweat
What you gonna do
what you gonna do when it comes and gets you?

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