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Letras de This Little Pig de Living Colour

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56 times in 81 seconds...something like this
This little pig has a mind of his own
this little pig thinks he's cool
this little pig thinks that he's all grown
and this little pig needs school
This little pig has something to prove
this little piggie, he wants to be down
now this little pig wishes that he can undo
the little pig that he shot down
This little pig's on a mission
this little pig needs a plan
this little pig's got ambition
this little pig does what he can
This little pig's got cum on his hands
this little pig needs money to talk
this little pig comes up with a plan
this little pig whistling rock
This little pig thinks he's runnning the show
this little pig thinks he's king of the hill
this little pig, well he doesn't know
he's the next pig to be killed
56 times in 81 seconds

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