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Letras de Shine Thru de Lloyd Banks

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Yeah! One, two! Onem two!
Allow me to show you how I do... (how I do!)
Shouts to Jamiaca - guy I brew (whattup?)
My nigga HP! - He not like you! (naah!)
Man fuck your problems, I got mine 2 (uh-huh!)
Black cloud out - but I shine thru!
Pro'bly been thru what you been thru times 2
Lil' ass niggas can't fit my shoe! (ugh!)
Miss Lloyd had a very big heart
It leaked into everyone I knew from the start.
I had a good life - she played a big part
She was my light! - Now everything's dark,
Man! I loved that woman more than I loved living
Never care what she got she was too busy giving.
She told me: "Be strong! " But I cried like a boy
It'll never be the same - an unfilled void. (uh!)
Praying for the clouds - planning on the sour! (sour!)
Can't think straight I'm rolling every hour
Garauntee an honor - money and the power
Be a real nigga taught that as a todler.
Diamond Impala my Chevy on a slant (yeah!)
Kinda like my eyes - I'm heavy on the plant! (uh!)
D's on a hater - parelles on a tramp (yeah!)
Man of the town you can tell he got a stamp.
Trust nobody! - Blame it on the gene
The DNA data - and the cop killa Queens.
Rocks for the fiends - on the on the blocks full of dreams
All day scrambling and hot full of screams!

[Outro: {DJ Whoo Kid}]
You know how it goew
I wanna give a rest in peace to my grandma!
Man I love you baby!
R.I.P. to my paps too man!
R.I.P. to my aunt Lenards!
I know you seein' me!
R.I.P. to HP!
Q Boy!
My nigga Star!
Jah whattup nigga?
My nigga Cheese...
Rest In Peace to my cousin Jay, man!
And e'ybody you love...
Shit will go on though!
Full speed ahead...
SouthSiiiide! {Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! } [beat fades out]

[Halloween Havoc Outro / Kid:]
Shadyville Entertainment!
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