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Letras de Savior de Los Hijos Del Santo

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Personal decisions i make and fall once again.
My conciouse dont let me sleep tonight oh why Jehova oh why
Feeiling the deepest fear in the existance of JAH
Listening to the only reaggae song that makes me feel allright
makes me feel all right

JAH creator of my life oh please bring light
Show me the peace you give and give me love
Jehová i wanna make you proud oh JAH

Shadows vanish away from me
dont want to feel this loneliness anymore
Jesús Christ listen to my request
i wanna throw my sins unto the sea and sing just for you

//wipping the tears from my eyes and i look to the sky towards the sunshine
thinking of all bad decisions that are now far away
Jesús Christ my creator
Jesús Christ oh my savior//
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