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Letras de El Chapo Barrial (en Ingles) de Los Mismos De Sinaloa

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Horses were pulled , aya in the taste of Fresno
A man was betting , several bales of money
American Paper , Rhodesia I lose or I win
Against friends, never lose

That is a spot for Tiger , for that of the flown
He was well regarded in the field, punter lengendario
Pa that anivelen the boat, all dava rematch
To fudged , in roosters

To all are defended , being a game of chance
He knew how to make a living , to enjoy
Grasias to the Carolinas , could give your family
All Chapo Neighborhood ...

Several renconosian it on the pool table
He always had a chair , if it was also pal Conquian
One day in front of family , life will arevataron
Inside of a restaurant

It was a responsible man with a very expensive sport
In respectable job , his word was his protection
'm Never hurt anyone , just ask his friend
Chinese light eyes

I miss some lemons , a garden here in culiacan
Some reasons are fanned , recalling his friendship
Desian a land of men, took the name of his ranch
Le desian Chapo Neighborhood .
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