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Letras de El Mayito Gordo (en Ingles) de Los Mismos De Sinaloa

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I jump my plebes Hop
well is not aseleren, I can be damn
I am old son nicknamed me mayito

Heir here on empreza
MZ corporation, which follows cresiendo
asediendo everyday and cons callendo

My cousin Cheyo by my side
like the Chinese Anthrax, that I failed to
Pancho also never misses a good guy

A chip off the old block
the man they nicknamed M, I'm dynasty
I admire and respect you for giving me life

Ay no evil that lasts 100 years
child still in front, and commanded volveras
awaits your troops escort and May

Wear beard
blood in my veins, Mr. Zambada
I am the number one for the Plebada.
Los Mismos de Sinaloa El Mayito Gordo (en ingles) 48343 2161227