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Letras de My Fish Half Dying de Los Paranoias

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And just like you my words are flying
And I’m trying to
catch you
You look like me and I still like you
But it’s odd, I tell you
Let me take you some place outside here
You’ll like it, I feel it
Come swim with me
into you latte
No one does it, don’t fit in

Here comes the train
we cannont buy it
But we’re trying, not easy
I like your boots, I like your style
It’s like mine, strange I mean it
Your fancy roll, my fish half dying
We’re just happy to eat it

I really really need you to stay where you are
I want to be in your picture
So please just don’t move
I really really need you to stay by my side
And I’ll try to give you something to smile

You locked my head into your planet
There’s nobody but you in
And I feel great,
it feels like silence
Everybody is sleeping
Our socks are looking through the
“It’s a nice day” she says
so don’t be blue and change that channel
it’s allright, you do it
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