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Letras de Life In Laralay de Love And Rockets

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Dupes of a Disney
Frozen stiff
Lost in the Hollywood hills
Where dreams as real as Fredericks
Are sustained on air by pills
Where all the red that's in the world
Bleeds into all the blue
Where film stars leave their footprints
And failed stars join the queue
Everywhere's a backdrop
To a scripted play
A film show of a preview
Of life in laralay
Life in laralay
Life in laralay
Life in laralay
In Laralay the custom is
For cash to call the tune
Usually a cabaret song
Sung to a neon moon
Down below the fairy lights
Twink on in tinsel town
Where everyone's in showbiz
And snowmen kick the downs
The palm tree shaded billboards
Advertise the style
That makes this fair land what it is
A money making smile
That dazzles as it razzles
The diamonds from your soul
Leaving you with nothing
Life in laralay (x4)
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