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Letras de Natacha de Love And Rockets

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Teardorops are coming
Until you are cured
The picture imperfection
Don't come to your cures
The future could be rosy
But you won't begin
See your own light shining
Light within
Hell's bells are banging
On a hotel wall
Now the feeling keeps coming
Now you fall
Bang that drum till tomorrow
Now you fall

The stage is an empty place for Natacha
Home tonight is a hole in a wall for Natacha
She wants and needs some love tonight - aaaah Natacha
Maybe it comes tomorrow for Natacha

You can't get the answer
That's the way you want it
And you don't get the situation you need
That's the way you want it
And I can't do a damn thing
That's the way you want it
You are the star
You are the star
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