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Letras de Naked Eye de Luscious Jackson

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Naked eyeluscious jacksonwearing nothing is devine, naked is a state of mindi take things off to clear my head to say the things i haven't saidi live inside the elements the the earth and sky are my best friendswater is the evidence that washes me from end to endwith my naked eye i saw the falling raincoming down on mewith my naked eye i sawif i said it all i could seeit's not a choice i tried to makeit's not a thought i couldn't takesomething told me it was timeto leave you yours and leave me minemy vision started to be cleari watched the sunlight coming neari knew the day, i knew the nighti knew i could regain my sightand it feels alrightlast night i came into your home to break some ice and throw some stonesi asked if we could be alone i had some troubles of my ownknew i had to say goodbye to all the old things held insideand if i let the moment flyi knew they'd all be magnifiedand it feels alrightcame around after darkyou are nothing but a larkthough i snuck in like a narci knew i had to leave my markwanted to be satisfiedi tried to be dignifiedwearing nothing is divinenaked is a state of mindand it feels alright

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