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Letras de Attack Music de Machinae Supremacy

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(newsreader: "in actual news, the human race was doomed to extinction today, as the robot revolt turned violent.")
It might seem like a lot of fun
to smash the system
but it's not for everyone
now you will listen
Could you see if you were blind
and their eyes told you?
and confined inside your mind
you draw your own view?
Here comes the master slave
demand respect for treason
you are my reason
to despise the world!
divided by your claws
when we are kings you will be
another suit against the wall
and bang!
What we learn is never free
we walk with evil
but in bliss we tend to be
so forgetful
You won't see it crawling back
just out of nowhere
and finally when they attack
they've always been here

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