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Letras de March Of The Undead 2 de Machinae Supremacy

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I keep trying to find my place
in this world of sickened pleads
and fallen grace
i have fallen out of phase
with whatever paused
the evolutionary race
But i'm not stalling, i'm not scared
and i am pretty sure that
i am not the one who's weird
i too have sensed the calling in my head
compelling me to join
the march of the undead!
In eternity i'm free
but now is when and
this where i want to be
when you're alive,
don't hold your breath
the only thing that lasts forever
is death
But life is so unfuckingfair
look away and someone else
will take your share
if you can't beat the system,
take your place
as part of the authority
that enslaves the human race!

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