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Letras de Super Steve de Machinae Supremacy

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I only act and speak as i feel
their world so enigmatic and unreal
We've got some freak potential
but that's just great
it makes us who we are,
molding our mental state
It feels so fragile our web of dreams
yet you could not break its truth
nor tear its seams
Don't look so skeptic when
you turn your eyes to me
sometimes a hero ain't
what you've seen on tv
The fire, it knows me and
i can walk through the blaze without a mark
forever it owes me the life
i lost in the dark
the higher it takes me the more
i'm able to reach outside the walls
of our perception
and grab a piece for us all
Some flaws are character, wear your crown!
come brother me
and all illusions will fall down

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