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Letras de Fist Of Steel de Majesty

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[strophe 1:]
the mighty winds are blowing, they are the masters of the sky.
thunderclouds are roaring, coming down tonight.
the revolution is beginning, now the rage is set to start.
we all feel the glory deep in our hearts.
see that holy eagle passing by.
brothers raise your fist up in the sky.
fist of steel
we will always be fighting.
fist of steel
with our swords on our side
fist of steel
gods of war, we are hailing. now the time is right.
fist of steel
in the name of the power
fist of steel
in the name of the steel
fist of steel
we will never surrender, we will never kneel.
with a fist of steel
[strophe 2:]
forever marching through the valleys,
forever marching through the fields.
it's a holy journey of battleaxes and shields.
all the earth is shaking, when our horses riding fast.
bridges are breaking, we're like a blast.
[repeat bridge]
[repeat chorus]

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