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Letras de Heavy Metal de Majesty

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pounding hearts calling, like a storm from the north.
i will obey to my sworn oath.
like warriors are waiting for the battle,
true heroes play heavy metal!
[strophe 1:]
coming out of darkness, powerfull like a fortress.
glorious and raw.
wearing spikes and leather, standing proud together.
fight against the law.
pounding like the thunder, never we surrender.
look inside our eyes.
strong unification in the heavy metal nation,
for my brothers i would die!
all together we are one, but the false we can't forgive.
we are bound by truth and faith, forever we shall live.
heavy metal
our strength and our religion
heavy metal
the meaning of our lives.
heavy metal
we're rebels with a vision.
heavy metal
we will keep on fighting till the end.
until the end.
[strophe 2:]
some people laughing at us and even might ignore us,
but at the end they'll see:
their trends they're living are a fuckin lie.
hail to majesty
all the clubs of metal, brothers in the battle,
fighting loud and proud.
all the fanzine writers are heavy metal fighters.
we salute the underground!
[repeat bridge]
[repeat chorus]
[solo: ross the boss]
[repeat chorus]

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