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Letras de Reign In Glory de Majesty

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[verse 1]
there comes the fire, a thundering light.
it is a symbol, a symbol of might
for all the sons and daughters of steel.
let's get armed and storm the battlefield.
we live for metal, 'cause metal is strong.
we are always standing one by one.
in every stadium we're raising our stacks.
we are born for a metal attack.
will you fighr a holy battle?
yes we will!!!
for the truth of heavy metal
we will kill!!!
will you join a mighty legion?
yes we will!!!
then raise your fist and swear allegiance now.
with sword in hand, until the end.
reign in glory
seek for the steel.
reign in glory
march and kill!
reign in glory
our banners high in the sky.
[verse 2]
to all the posers in the media scene.
another puppet on the tv screen.
true sons of metal live to be free.
that is the only thing, that matters to me.
to all the fuckers making fun of this band:
don't you ever mess with our fans.
hey poser, we know what you do.
so beware, we are huntin' for you.
We got to shoot the canons.
flags and banners high!
by wind and thunder we will reign the sky!

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